It looks like Work From Home is now here to stay for many of us. Bonding with colleagues is an integral part of a successful team; therefore team building exercises have always been a popular part of business strategy. 

Friendships are built, skills and experience flourish, and without the pressure of the working week, you can let your hair down and enjoy the experience. 

So how, in 2021, do you tackle the issue of team building whilst remote working is now the norm or at least being enforced? Teams still need to connect with each other on a personal level to create the bonds that lead to success—the importance for new employees, especially in getting to know their peers, should always be a priority. 

Hosting Virtual Events For Team Engagement

In 2020 over 2000 virtual events were delivered by Catalyst Global’s partners, the world’s largest team building network and a position we proudly hold. Through this partnership, we offer a range of online events, exercises, games and challenges that can be delivered remotely to your workforce. 

Recreating the human connection via digital technology helps boost team morale, encourage unity between colleagues and foster imperative relationships within your team. Through engagement and collaboration in fun and exciting environments, you can bring your team together, regardless of location. 

We offer a range of events, some remote, some face to face, yet COVID safe and a hybrid of the two. Biz Group has been at the forefront of teambuilding events here in Dubai for twenty-five years, so we like to think we know a thing or two about how it all works. 

After 2020, of course, we have also had to adapt our processes. Fortunately for us, we were ahead of the time with our technology and had been promoting remote events and experiences way before the pandemic. 

Our range of team building exercises and events offer over fifty solutions adapted for face to face, virtual or a hybrid of the two. We have a dedicated team to help you decide which event, exercise or experience would be best for you and your crew. Our Go Team will be on hand throughout to ensure the smooth running of the event. 

And just like that, we’ve brought you all together without leaving your chair, office, sofa or desk. Wherever in the world, your team has found itself over these last few years, Biz Group has the solutions you need to maintain the levels of human connection required for a cohesive, creative and comfortable team. We offer a wide range of team building activities in Dubai, ranging from virtual, face-to-face and hybrid, that help improve employee engagement.

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