Coaching in the time of COVID19 - important for your employees’ wellbeing now more than ever 

The COVID19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on businesses that has not been experienced in my lifetime.  The workplace has long been a complex and demanding environment which has been significantly exacerbated by the changes brought by the pandemic.  

The cumulative effect of uncertainty and pressure from the myriad of changes to our working lives such as remote working, home schooling, pay reductions, workforce reductions, social distancing etc. has meant that many of our basic emotional needs required for personal wellbeing are not being met as a result.  

I’m sure we all have many examples of how this increased emotional pressure is having a detrimental impact on our own and our workforce’s ability to cope. Stress, worry, fear and burnout are increasingly commonplace and it is taking its toll on our already stretched workforce. Leaders in particular are feeling the burden of trying to keep it together, be strong for their teams whilst making significant decisions to help the business navigate through these unprecedented times.

It’s crucial that if we are going to not just survive but thrive in this challenging landscape we need to find ways to support our people’s wellbeing, building their confidence and resilience so they are able to work at their highest point of contribution in delivering business results.  

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As a Leadership Coach with a particular interest and qualification in emotional intelligence, I work with leaders to help them adapt by developing their capacity to better cope, learn and respond to these challenges. This involves looking at both developing their awareness of themselves and those around them and channeling this awareness to be more purposeful and effective.   

On a personal level this encompasses things such as: 

  • Dealing with challenges and setbacks 
  • Adapting to new situations 
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs 
  • Being confident in their decisions and actions 
  • Prioritising their physical and emotional wellbeing.  

 Interpersonally this could include:  

  • Building trusting relationships  
  • Leading and managing others to fulfil their potential  
  • Managing conflict constructively  
  • Helping to motivate others
  • Building your authentic leadership style in a virtual, face to face or hybrid environment. 


Here at Biz we have a team of qualified coaches with a range of expertise that can help organisations support their leaders to thrive during this pandemic. Contact us if you want to learn more about our coaches and discuss how we can support your leaders to prioritise their wellbeing whilst achieving business results, or click here to learn more about our leadership training courses.

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