Teambuilding is one of the most powerful tools that your company can use to improve business results and the output of your entire organisation, and surprisingly enough, it doesn't have to be a huge investment.

But how can teambuilding impact business results? We've rounded up our top 5 ways below:


I'm sure you can agree that clear and open communication is one of the main contributors to success in the workplace, especially in projects and relationships. Not only does a fun-filled Teambuilding activity enable employees to find out more about each other, but it also can creates a better understanding between them and will allow them to break down walls of mistrust and co-operate more successfully.

Our recommendation for an activity to improve communication is The Infinite Loop—a strong lean management business game that is based on real-time communication to solve puzzles and come up with a series of solutions

Read more about The Infinite Loop here.


One of the most important outcomes from teambuilding activities is greater collaboration between employees. This is because a lot of activities require employees to work together to solve a puzzle in an allocated time frame, reach an end goal or to accumulate the higher collective number of points to win a challenge. These collaboration skills can then be applied to workplaces as employees have developed solid relationships built on trust and can work together more easily and effectively.

Our recommendation for an activity to increase collaboration between employees is City Build. This activity challenges team members to work in smaller groups to create a giant model city that has a uniformity of design across the zones with a transportation network that flows coherently with the other teams’ sections next to theirs and in the city as a whole. 

Read more about City Build here.


An increase in motivation is another key outcome from Teambuilding activities. Running an external event shows your people that you genuinely care about their success and development, as you are willing to invest time and money into them. Furthermore, when a team successfully completes a Teambuilding activity, it creates a shared momentum and makes them feel good inside, and this boosted morale is a feeling that they will bring back to the office with them. 

Our recommendation for an activity that boosts motivation is Beatswork. This musical activity energises and invigorates participants through the power of collective rhythm. When individuals and teams effectively play their part and work in synergy with the whole group it leads to success, and this leads to a feeling of elation.

Read more about Beatswork here.


Teambuilding activities are a great chance for employees to improve their confidence with their problem solving skills, as they may feel more relaxed within a safe environment where there is less pressure on their shoulders, compared to when a critical issue arises within a workplace. Problem solving skills are so valuable in any job roleand can really improve the output of an individual personally and professionally.

Our recommendation for an activity that can develop problem solving skills is GO Team, a technology-based activity that is designed to get your team out and about. The challenges in the GO Team app are designed for participants to develop their problem solving skills, and also learn that failure can lead to success as they modify the way they approach a challenge, thinking rationally and strategically to change and improve their process.

Read more about GO Team here.


Finally, we believe that the key to having a business that breeds innovation and 'out of the box' ideas, is where employees feel as if they can be creative and put new ideas forward. Teambuilding is the perfect way to give them this opportunity, as many activities task employees with using their imagination to come up with creative solutions and bounce ideas off each other to get to an end result. They may then feel more comfortable to discuss ideas and make suggestions without fear of being ridiculed. 

Our recommendation for an activity that can encourage creativity is Quickfire. This app-based teambuilding game uses creativity, ingenuity and teamwork to complete mental, physical and creative challenges.

Read more about Quickfire here.

End 2019 with a bang!

How about a fun-filled activity to end 2019 with a bang? See our recommendations here and register your interest, you won't regret it! Read more here. 

Other Teambuilding activities

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