Why the best leaders make everyone around them smarter

In September of 2010, I picked this brightly coloured book with the goal of reviewing it on the Dubai Eye business book radio program that I contributed to with Richard Dean. As the founder and CEO of a Leadership Development consultancy for 18 years, in the back of my mind I wondered if anything was going to be new and I secretly assumed that I was a Multiplier.   

As I read the first chapter, I started to feel uncomfortable, in fact I cringed, as I realised I was unintentionally shutting down the intelligence of my team at Biz Group. I was paying 100% of their salaries, but not getting 100% of their thinking… and it wasn’t to do with them, but with me. 

Having devoured the book and explored any additional resources online, I rang the author Liz Wiseman. This started an amazing professional and personal journey, as I explored leading like a Multiplier, but also working with The Wiseman Group to teach the Multipliers principals all over the world.    

I’ve been blessed to deliver the Multipliers keynote, when Liz has been unable to make a date or destination and worked along side her at ATD and various large client events, in KSA, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Korea to name a few.  Delivering the content to 1000’s of people through large events, but also back in the Middle East, working with an amazing team of Multipliers Practitioners at Biz Group, engaging hundreds of leaders in learning journeys.    


Delivering tangible business results 

The Multipliers content, when delivered in a crafted learning journey, always creates a business impact. Weaved between F2F or virtual workshops, experiments allow skills practice and implementation.  Eight coaching conversations can also be provided following a 360° assessment to create a personalised plan for senior executives.  Our master practitioners have the proven skills to help leaders switch their accidental diminishing tendencies to intentional Multiplier ones and collectively build a Multipliers culture. 

The latest edition of the book (revised and republished in 2018) includes many of the client experiences that we’ve stimulated through our delivery at Biz Group. 

Multipliers Global Rights  

One of the greatest compliments to a thought leader, is when other thought leaders recognise the contribution and seek out the ability to work and represent them.  The Wiseman Group accepted a deal with FranklinCovey in 2019, which will help globally distribute this amazing leadership approach and a true sign that the model will stand the test of time, much like the 7 Habits has.

So was this the end of my love affair with Multipliers? Fortunately not. Because of the support and commitment we made over the last 10 years, the Wisemans negotiated two pockets of exceptions to the Covey deal. Whilst FranklinCovey have global rights and will in July 2022 be able to prevent other distributors from delivering the content, Biz Group in the Middle East and BRG in South Africa, will remain able to deliver their highly engaging virtual and F2F workshops in perpetuity.  

We are excited and passionate about continuing to build on our reputation for delivering the content as Multipliers ourselves, stretching the thinking of leaders and helping rid the world of bad bosses.     

Contact us if you want to learn about the Multipliers business impact case studies delivered by Biz Group.