We are starting 2021 with an advantage - we can learn from the past year and apply lessons learned and ideas for the year ahead. Although nobody knows when life will return to normality, we can definitely make start with some quick wins by asking ourselves some important questions to be successful in 2021. 

 So, with that in mind, we've put together 3 questions that you NEED to ask yourself today in order to smash this year and achieve your desired END GAME. 

  1. Do you have continuous engagement from a learning partner that supports your goals?

Many companies might not have the internal capacity to support their learning & development ambitions anymore and are looking for a training company to support them. Or some companies might already be working with an external learning provider. Either way you need to ask yourself whether you are looking for a training provider or a learning partner?  

  1. Do you have access to the latest and 'future-ready' learning? 

In order to stay ahead of the competition and create an unparalleled culture of learning at work, it's essential to always be embracing new technologies for your learning efforts.  

For example, have you considered investing in new technologies such as Virtual Reality in order to train your leaders? It has been proven that augmented and virtual environments deliver highly emotional experiences, which in turn are more effective in forging behavioural change. To put it simply, they give you a bigger impact in a smaller time frame, which is ideal for leaders that don't have a lot of time and need to experience results faster.  

Or, did you know with microlearning technologies such as Axonify, you can close the loop on learning measurement, by definitively tying knowledge to behaviours and business results. The learning reinforcement only takes 4/5 mins a day and can really help you to measure the effectiveness of your training initiatives.  

  1. Do you have curated Learning Journeys that support your efforts and help you to achieve your objectives?

By creating curated Learning Journeys, you can offer your learners a full plan of action for their learning initiatives. You can start by looking at the world-class content that you want to deliver, such as Multipliers from The Wiseman Group, with the latest learning technologies (such as VR, or microlearning platforms such as Axonify), with a range of learning methodologies (such as VILT, face-to-face, coaching) etc. This streamlined process will help your learners to achieve their goals and achieve their desired END GAME. 

At Biz Group, we utilise an exclusive online platform that was designed by us in order to engage our learners. It allows them to view and apply all their learning and development interventions in one place, whilst reducing Learning and Development managers' admin time and giving them access to reports that can help them to measure learner success and the success of their learning initiatives.  

What to do next 

At Biz Group, it's our mission to help our clients achieve their desired END GAME through continuous engagement, access to the latest learning and learning technologies, and by providing curated LearningJourneys™ that help them to achieve results.  

 If you want to set up a free discovery call with a friendly advisor, please get in touch with us.